Sunday, April 18, 2010

Small Dog Houdini Clarke ...Enjoys Pampered Puppies Adventures

Small dogs that don't shed , as we all know really ROCK! They are portable and go everywhere ... in fact, they are welcome almost anywhere.  Houdini Clarke has proved that by being the "spokes dog" of the small dogs that don't shed.

Houdini is a Maltese dog ... they have no under coat, are very low on dander and therefore have a much lower count when it comes to allergens.  This makes him, along with a few other special breeds, the perfect companion for those suffering from the sneezing, coughing symptoms that plague so many people.

As spokes dog, Houdini has under taken several new projects ... one of them being his "Pampered Puppies Adventures".  Not really a newsletter, but a journal of sorts that shares with puppies and dogs ... along with their humans, what it means to live the life of a Pampered Puppy ... in addition, important stuff like ....
  • Tips to living "GREEN" as a dog of the 21st Century
  • Important healthcare issues facing puppies and dogs
  • Cool Training Tips for Dogs and their Humans
  • Cutting Edge Pampered Puppies Fashion
  • Scrumptious, Healthy Dog Food Recipes 

He will, of course need help from all his "Pup" friends by registering for his Adventures ... and of course ... pass it along to your other "Pup" friends so they can join in the FUN.

The "Hoots" will make you laugh till you pee your pants and teach you a few things along the way ... so what are you waiting for?

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Deb said...

I know someone in my neighborhood that has 2 Maltese dogs and they are so pleasant and very cute!