Small Dogs that Dont Shed are Great Network Marketers

Small dogs that don't shed have so many talents. First off, Houdini Clarke, Maltese extraordinaire is a wonderful companion ... loving and totally funny. Secondly he is an integral part of our marketing business. Recently he traveled with us to the Trump Las Vegas for the 2009 Distributor Rights Association Convention.

Take a peek at some of the fun he had ...

Small dogs are always a joy to have around and the small breeds that don't shed, or shed very little are even better.

Houdini Clarke, internet marketer and MLM distributor ... why not? In the Network Marketing industry it is vital that you become recognized ... everyone remembers Houdini! We even had a woman come up to us in the convention, someone we had never met, and she regularly follows Houdini's blog ... she knew all about him ... how cool is that.

Small dogs that don't shed ROCK!


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