Small Dogs - Happy Birthday to Bob!

Happy birthday to you ... happy birthday to you ... happy birthday dear Bobbbbbb ... !

As you all know by now, Houdini Clarke is a very well traveled small dog. Maltese are small dogs that don't shed, and as such, it is actually a pleasure to travel with him.

Well, a few years back we were cruising the Exumas in the Bahamas and happened upon a special lady and her Jack Russell companion, Bob. Now, it turns out that Annie was kind of the self appointed harbor master at the Black Point settlement where we hung on the hook for close to a week. A gutsy woman, she and Bob were cruising all by themselves on a nifty trawler named "Dreamboat Annie"

Long story short, we all became friends. Annie and Bob are back in the US and Bob just celebrated his birthday ... sooo ... just a quick picture so all you pups out there can share in the festivities.

Annie writes: " Bob's birthday cake was made out of hamburger with hot dog eyes and a ketchup mouth. We had a great time at the beach with 9 of Bob's friends. "

Houdini sends his love and will "pee -mail" soon ... LOL!

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