Small Dogs "Shake Your Tail Feathers"

OK, everyone knows that small dogs that don't shed are the best, but Frostie, the dancing bare-eyed cockatoo, AKA a Little Corella, comes in a close second. Frostie can shake his "bootie" better than any bird we have ever seen!

Houdini Clarke gives Frostie a 2 Paws up and has plans to contact him prior to his 2012 presidential campaign for advice....

Just watch Frostie "Shake his tail feathers" ....

... if he can't make you laugh, nothing can!

Frostie The Funniest Dancing Bird On This Planet jives to the Blues Brothers Shake Your Tail Feather - "Joliet" Jake Blues (Dan Aykroyd) Ray Charles hit from The Blues Brothers album (1992).

This video was aired on NDTV: India, CNN, KHSL TV Channel 12, E! The Soup, Al Jezeera, FOX News, Ellen and Good Morning America (GMA)! Video of the day on MSN and Yahoo! As seen on TV in India, China, Chile, France, England, Germany, USA and Bangledesh! Featured in the Paradise Post and Contra Costa Times.

(Video by Karla K. Larsson, Magalia - Paradise, CA on February 1, 2009.)

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