Small Dogs that don't Shed - Houdini Reports!

Small dogs that don't shed are my very favorite dogs! This is Houdini Clarke, a 5 year old Maltese, getting ready to report the latest weather news from the Isles of Capri, Florida. Tropical Strom Fay made landfall about 5 miles from our home Monday and while the damage was minor, it is still worthy of a quick report for the BARK news!

Houdini, like any Maltese, is a bit vain and is checking with his camera crew to make sure the shots are set up correctly and that his hair and makeup are in order. Maltese are no shed dogs so he is really only concerned that he will have a handsome closeup shot ... LOL!

Houdini reports that the electricity has finally been turned on again after two days so he can now stay cool in the AC'd house and the boil water notice has been lifted. He can once again enjoy his favorite reverse osmosis water without it being boiled first.

This is Houdini Clarke reporting to you from Florida .... cut ... that's a wrap!

Small dogs that don't shed .... Houdini reports that they are the BEST!


Steve Pohlit said...

I love dogs. Actually the real reason I love smaller dogs is because those are the ones that women seem to like the most. So if you want to be on the good side of a female remember "smaller is better"

Denise Clarke said...

Hehehehe ... ! My Dad calls me a "chick" magnet .... LOL!