Doctor Energizer Pulses Houdini Clarke PER2000

Houdini Clarke makes history once again as the first Maltese to pulsed by a PER2000 Pulsed Energy Replenisher. Doctor Energizer visited our home and demonstrated to Houdini how simple, painless and non-invasive it is to use.

Houdini enjoyed his session and was calm throughout. After Doctor Energizer left, six year old Houdini was playing like a puppy again!

The PER2000 is used on thoroughbred racehorses and greyhounds before they race. The PEMF technology boosts the energy and improves their performance. In fact, Albertus Maximus, a racehorse was pulsed just prior to his winning the Breeder's Cup and then again before the Donn's Handicapp.

Nothing is too good for Houdini, the star of small dogs that don't shed!

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Shazz said...

I Love Maltese Dogs. Maltese are very lovable & adorable dogs. Maltese dogs are naturally small and yet they are playful and intelligent as well as a loyal companion to its owner.