Small Dogs that Don't Shed - How about Havanese?

Dogs that don’t shed are so great because you are not always vacuuming and sweeping up hair covered furniture and carpet. Small dogs that don’t shed are even better because there is even less to care for and feed. When people ask what kind of “no shed dogs” are out there, you might want to consider a Havanese.

The Havanese is a small sturdy dog with a lot of charm. They can come in many different colors and weighs in at about 7-13 pounds. The long silky coat may be shown either brushed or corded. A resident of Havana for three centuries, it is the National Dog of Cuba. The Havanese carries its head high, plumed tail carried loosely over the back, and a springy gait, it makes his outline unmistakable. When he is shown in the ring, the Havanese should look in excellent condition, but never so elaborately coifed as to preclude an impromptu romp in the leaves.

This little dog of Havana became a family dog extraordinaire, playmate of children, watchdog, and herder of the family poultry flock. During the Cuban revolution, a handful of them found their way into this country and by the end of the 1970’s a new gene pool was being built up. Pretty COOL!

While these small dogs don’t shed, they do need frequent brushing and combing, or they will become a matted mess. If you can't commit to the brushing, you have to commit to frequent trimming to keep the coat short, neat, and healthy.

These little guys are great watch dogs and are quick to sound the alarm if something new is going on, so good training is a must. In addition, they can be difficult to housebreak so consistency is a must.

Along with their considerable charm, Havanese also come with a high price tag, so don’t be surprised with a price tag over a thousand dollars. As always when you go to purchase a new dog, due your homework and spend time with the breeder and puppies.

So when you are looking for small dogs that dont shed, perhaps you should put a Havanese on your to "look at" list.


nancy said...

I have been thinking of getting a dog for nearly 20 years now. I show a program...I think on the National Geographic channel, Dogs 101. They did Havanese and I was sold. My only hesitation is my 13 year old cat who would probably get her whiskers in a twist. Do you have experience with cats & Havanese????

Inese said...

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Brad said...

I have a big cat and two Havanese. They are the best of friends and chase each other around the house and yard. There are never any problems between the cat and dogs. I absolute adore. Havanese. They are EXTREMELY loving and they are total little clowns! They are even cuter as a pair because they play all the time. You can often hear them thundering around the house as they chase each other and play fight. The cat joins in as well.

Both of mine were rescues and I love them to pieces. There are plenty of rescue organizations dedicated to Havanese. The two dogs, both females very qucikly became sisters and love each other dearly. You never feel lonely with a Havanese around!